High Vibe Energy Clearing Kit

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Reduce stress? Feeling overwhelmed?
Release taking on other people's emotions through daily energy clearing. Release entities attached to your human energy field. Clean your chakras.



Feel lighter. Clear your chakras. Release stuck energy.

Connect with your spirit guides. Open your heart.

Clear other people's energy. Release stress.

Ground yourself and find balance.

What's Included?

Your Energy Clearing Kit Includes:
Crystal Pendulum
Hemimorphite Crystal
- Energy Shape Shifting Brass Bell
- Content Card
- Pendulum Board

The Crystal Pendulum is used to swirl around in a circle while setting your intentions for daily energy cleaning.

Why does it work?

When you swirl the pendulum, you are moving with the energy force around you. Energy is always in movement and you are simply merging with energetic frequencies while asking for the clearing of any blocks or energy you've taken on. It is also instrumental in clearing and opening your chakras. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to take it everywhere. You will feel lighter and less burdened by other people's energy.

Hemimorphite Crystal
This incredible crystal holds infinite power that aids in the communication of feelings and the regulation of inner emotions. It helps you to detach from self-ego and bring about spiritual growth in your life. It also helps to balance the heart, third eye, and crown chakras so you will want to keep it close to you like in a pocket or wear it in your bra.

Energy Shape Shifting Bell
Change the energy in a room by simply ringing your bell. There is a vibrational resonance from the sound of the bell that will swiftly shake up the energy in a room. Use it as much as you'd like.

Content Card

This tool guides you on how to work with energy. You will train your pendulum to give you the accurate answers you need (as long as you have cleared your ego). Next, you will set your intention and start clearing away all of the stuck daily energy leaving you feeling much lighter, happier, and free.

Pendulum Board

This board is designed to help you identify answers for accuracy and give you a guide on where you stand. Ask Yes or No questions, percentage questions to help you on your life's journey. We just recommend you stay away from asking future questions as things constantly change.

Enjoy your daily clearing kit and Stay High Vibe!

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